New member from Austria.

Hi community,
my name is Erkan and i’m nearly from vieanna. I’m be happy here with some specialists everything about gt40.
At first, sorry for my english knowledge. I try to give my best.
My dream was and is to start my own project to build the gt40. I’m a mechanical engineer and i can drawing in 3d and i have also 3D printers, welding possibilities as well and i have a hobby workshop with milling and turning in cnc. I also have some friends with enough knowledge in engine and gear building here. They help me get the right engine.
So i think, i have enough to start my project and at first he chassis .
Could give me some information how to start, what shell i check and where can i get a chassis buildplans?

Thank you again to be here.
Greetings from Austria.

Brian Kissel

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Welcome to GT40S Erkan. There are some plans floating around on the net, but I’m not sure of their accuracy, of completeness. You might consider getting a body then building your chassis from there. You should also consider your suspension , and transaxle while planning. Do lots of research because very few scratch builds are ever completed. The GT40 is a complex car and most generally isn’t recommended to be your first build. There is a builder on YouTube that has a complete build. Watch the videos and do more research. Read this forum as recently someone was given great advice by other builders as well.

Regards Brian
Hi Brian,
thx for the helpful feedback. I will definitely do that.
Could you recommend me a cood boddy for the MKII?

Kind regards