New Quaife Gearbox

Hi All,
I do not at this stage own a GT40, have been interested in them for years. Im planning to purchase a DRB (I think) mid next year.
I have been reading this information about gearboxes with interest. I quite naive at this but I assume the G50 transaxel has its sahre of problems (being that its been around a long time). Is it possible to use a later porsche box or maybe the quaife box as attached. (Dollars being the big difference I guess). The reason I ask is that I was planning to start acquiring the parts I need of the next year (gearbox, suspension etc..)
I really interested in peoples thoughts.


I notice that the Quaife has a bolt on, Porsche style
doughnut mount on the rear. If only Porsche would cast their
gearboxes this way, a 6spd might drop right into a GT40.
Smart engineering on Quaife's part. Wishful thinking on mine!

Howard Jones

This whole thing comes to buget, cars use, and you're projected power.
If youre buget is in the top quartile then this quafe is right in line with a top quartile power output. My opinion is that the power output to justfy the expence of the quafe would be more than 500. This whole subject is really about what you want to do with your car. If you want to spend 90%-95% of your time on the street at legal speed limmits with the remainder at open track events where you really are not racing in the true sence of the word but more or less doing several laps against your own ability and fun level then something like 350hp and a audi or renault would be fine. If you intend to drive your car on the street less than 1/2 of the time and run VERY hard the rest of the time on the track with competion against other entrants then my choice would be somthing north of 450hp and a ZF, 50/50 porche type or a full on race box like a quafe. Now the real problem lies in the in between and again how much do you want to spend? There is really no limmit on how much you CAN spend. If I had the money and I wasn't sure how much time I was going to spend on the track BUT I knew I was going to do some track time I would go for a high dollar gearbox and a modest motor. The power output of the motor can always be increased but the torque rating of the gearbox cannot be increased very much without replacing it.

You will find that the whole car is designed around the gearbox and it is the most complicated to change later.