GT40 DRB Chassis 12, Australia

Hi Everyone,
I'm new to kit cars and bought a early DRB GT40 kit that has been through a few hands and never finished. I have the chassis, all body panels, front suspension, BRM wheels, 302 Windsor & G50 gearbox. I have started the initial dummy assembly and its going good so far. I appreciate any suggestions and advice, I am aiming for early 2026 completion to give me a target.
Parts the car needs and would any suggestions please:
A pair of rear suspension uprights,
set of coil overs,
seat frames or complete pair,
door handles,
bonnet (hood) hinges and locks,
rear clam locks,
wiring loom,
bundle of snakes exhaust,
a couple of boxes of motivation :)
Thanks, Nev.


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Welcome Nev
I'm about to start an Absolute Pace kit and located in Melbourne.
Where are you located?
Cheers Rick