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I just uploaded a new registration page that may have some information that you find useful. It would be great if SLC builder's with registered street cars would provide me with the following:

*what year (regulations change)
*if it's OK to associate the data point with your GT40 account or whatever

I can then create a matrix
What about front license plates? I live in Ohio and they're required here. Is the SLC somehow exempt? I don't recall seeing a single SLC from the U.S. with a front license plate. I hate to have to clutter the front end with one of those.


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They're required in MA as well. While I don't have an SLC yet, I have gotten several tickets for not having a front plate on my other cars. In all cases, while parked. Seems to be a good way for meter maids to make their quota. My plan was make a removable bracket and use it sparingly.
Years ago I got a ticket while driving in Ohio (and I was an Ohio resident) for tint too dark and no front plate. Had to go to court and pay for an attorney, but got both thrown out. Something about if there isn't a front bracket, it isn't (wasn't) required. I have no idea if that's still the case. After that incident, I kept the plate on the dash just in case. I'll be looking into this, but wondered if someone already has.

If one is required, maybe I can incorporate into a canard or some aerodynamic device ;-)
Sorry to throw my two cents in here, but I could not resist. As a 'lurker', I have detected a strain of resentment on this forum to such as I. I have continued to gather information because I am going to build an SLC, but I think that I will refrain from contributing to people who have shown hostility to "outsiders".

Fran Hall RCR

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Hell no!!!!!
Definitely not...there are a great group of guys owners and non that are more than willing to impart their life and car building experiences
Fran...The President would say the same thing about Congress, but alas there are always the gracious AND the ungracious in any group.