New Steering Columns

Adam C.

Long time, no see!

After spending half a decade restoring chassis 1032, I couldn't bear to even look at a GT for years.
Looks like it took about a decade to recover, but it's been long enough and I feel like making some parts.
Steering columns could be a good start. Anyone need one?

Parts would be made to print, with most of the 1032 modifications included (thicker tubes, one-piece flange etc.) for robustness.


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Adam C.

I would like to know what they actually did to them compared to the prints if you would like to do a short writeup?
The wheel hub is one piece rather than two and has 3x as many holes for wheel adjustment.

The inner shaft is increased wall thickness, same diameter.

The outer tube has increased wall thickness and diameter.

The 4 mounting brackets are increased thickness.

Bronze bushings are longer.

In spite of all of this, 1032 still had issues with fatigue in the lower bracket. You can see lots of gusseting and welding in that area.

All hardpoints are carryover and the column is interchangeable/visually indistinguishable from the original design.

Adam C.

I'll probably make a batch of 20 at home (US).
20 tends to be a pretty good piece/investment cost tradeoff.

I'm working on some 2005 GT parts right now, this will be next in the queue. Should be late Q1, early Q2.

I have the B.O.M. figured out, but still working on tooling/investment. Final price TBD.
Q1, early Q2.
I could be interested latter in the year if that is the case. I am trying to get the workshop rebuild underway at present and am not committing to anything else until i have that moving in the right direction.

Waiting on council and building surveyors to give the go ahead at this point in time

Adam C.

The spline is a long ago deprecated British spec that is tough to track down.
Woodward Steering refers to it as the Jag/MG/Austin spline.
I ordered one of their couplers to check the fit of my new splined ends.
Fits like a glove!
Time to glue the shaft assemblies together.