New Valkyrie Owner in Cleveland

Hey thanks for those. It's really appreciated. Very neatly done. The one pic of front has me puzzled: Is it cut to allow the nose to tilt? That would make at easier to work on. That ladder frame is bulletproof.
The nose does now tilt. Access to brakes, cooling etc. is much better. Made the "Lambo doors" much easier too, but that was kind of a mistake... They work and look good, but entry sucks! Oh well, you learn as you go sometimes!


Dang! Now that makes me drool. Very nice. I've always loved the tilt back model. Mine is the later, slightly longer, non-tilt back with the built in chin spoiler. Lambo doors or not, it's not an easy car to get in and out of.
Thanks Bill. I appreciate the kind words. My original plan was to stretch the whole car about 4 inches at the mid point. These doors are pretty short...