New Valkyrie Owner in Cleveland

Just wanted to say "hi". I saw a few threads on Fiberfab Kit cars. So far not much is out here that I can find for forums. Anyways, my dad gave me his Valkyrie that he completed and titled in the mid '70s. It is the slightly longer, molded in front spoiler full ladder frame but not tilt back model. Dated, needs some TLC but I still love it and can remember him building it.
GTO and Valkyrie.jpg
Thanks, my uncle did them back in '75. The car sat garaged for at least 25 years but you know how that goes... not much wear and tear but age.


Welcome, Bill. Your Avenger is a big brother to a Fiberfab Avenger that I bought back in the Eighties. It was on a VW platform and its engine was so worn out that I could turn it over by grabbing the generator pulley and turning it by hand! It was fun, though. I sold it to someone who was moving to Wichita, KS.
Thank you. I liked the Avengers and the Jamaica as well. The ladder frame did catch my eye, It looks to be a good platform to build on. At some point I'm going to have to figure out what do with that Corvair diff and front steering / suspension. It works but worries me with the SBC LT1.
That puppy SCREAMS the 60s-70s !
Pretty cool that you have Dad's car, enjoy the updating to more modern standards.
There are plenty here that have nicely updated the older cars.
Yeah, that was pretty cool to get the car from him. Probably some basic stuff first: mechanical infrastructure and safety. I'll have to make myself wait on the eye candy.
Thank you and good luck with yours. I'm not finding a lot of info out there or the sources (transaxle upgrades, Corvair to Rack and Pinion Swap, headlight covers, a good accelerator pedal setup that doesn't bind, lol) have dried up but still plugging away.
I've got the mechanicals pretty well figured out on mine, just doing the final bodywork and assembly. I used a morse cable for the throttle with a sand rail gas pedal from EMPI. it seams to work well. I have a 4 pinion posi 4 speed trans axle with 3.70 gears. Word on the street is it should be good for close to 400 hp.
That's great then you're coming along good. Thank for the info- its a cable on mines now but it binds and will need to be done over. I was going to try something different like hydraulic or an electronic servo-type but that doesn't seem realistic at this point. For the diff, do you mean the 4 spider gear or "Crown" kit in a 'Vair transaxle or something else? I'm a stock '70 LT1 350, so I should be around 370 HP. No way I can do a ZF, etc. If you don't mind, what brand swinging pedals did you use? Are you running the 'Vair front end or did you go with a rack and pinion? Thanks
My differential carrier unit, that the ring gear mounts to is a 4 pinion unit from a turbo car. Supposed to be much stronger than the more common 2 pinion unit. My 4 speed is the original corvair saginaw unit, with the Fiberfab input shaft and funky rear cover. I got all the original '68 kit parts and all the paperwork. I even got the original headlight covers that are in perfect condition. I used Wilwood clutch and brake pedals. Our Hp is probably pretty close. 350 with aluminum heads crane cam similar to the 350/350 cam and edelbrock performer with a holley 600.
Hey thanks, that actually helps a lot! I have the same trannie, a 4 speed Saginaw, the diff portion is currently a standard but I do have a Posi that I'm tempted to get the 4 spider kit for and have at it. Happy for you on the headlight covers- those are gold! Keep them out of sun and nothing harsh to clean them. I think you're right, with the light weigh and if you watch the launches, you're probably going to be okay. Yep that Fiberfab stamped rear cover and special input shaft!
Oh, and by the way, Idid go to a Mustang II rack and pinion, just had to redrill the steering arms to the correct taper for the ford tie rod ends. super easy.