FS USA Paddle shift conversion system for Ford GT Ricardo transmission

I have for sale here, a complete, unused but bench tested Mastershift system for the Ricardo transmission. I worked personally, with Lou (owner of Mastershift) to prototype this system on a Ricardo.

As we know, the Ricardo transmissions are pretty bulletproof, but they are also hard to come by and hard to fix. With this Mastershift system, it eliminates the possibility of a misshift, EVERY time. While Mastershift systems have somewhat of a simple nature (in packaging), this particular system has added safety features to ENSURE the shift is complete. The shift is also completed faster than you can kick the clutch and release it, giving you the feel of a live box, but with the accuracy and consistency of an actuated shift from something like a sequential or dual clutch.

The way this system works, for example...if you're traveling down a straight at 4th gear speeds, with an approaching 2nd gear turn, before entering the brake zone you can click the down paddle twice and the 2nd gear indicator will blink. The system will wait for you to push the clutch. Once you enter the braking zone, heel/toe (or just push clutch if you aren't heel/toe capable), the shift will actuate from 4th to 2nd in approx 3/10's and complete the shift. By allowing you to select the gear before the turn, it lessens what you're doing at once, allowing you to hit your marks, keep both hands on the wheel, etc. The system will only work if you have the clutch pushed. If for any reason, (synchro wear, internal transmission failure, system malfunction, off track excursion) the shift doesn't complete, there is a hydraulic line hold that will keep the clutch disengaged to protect the transmission. It also won't allow the shift without the clutch disengaged, etc.

What you get here is a paddle shifter for your steering wheel, the control box, electronic gear indicator, cable designed specifically for this transmission, hardware, new harness, installation cd, etc. Lou will also gladly assist you in make the system function flawlessly, as that is his goal.

We spent over 8k developing this system, and I'd like to pass it on to someone (price is certainly negotiable but lets start at that number). Mastershift won best engineering award at SEMA just two years ago, so his systems have come a long way. There were some negatives in the early years, but his systems are reliable and used by many builders today.

This would be a great system for an SLC or any project using a Ricardo. PM me directly for further discussion and direct contact information.

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Not on the Ricardo, as stated, and as you well know. I ended up putting one remaining kit I had, on a G50 last year (not related to the cars I was involved with). Bit quirky, not really "refined" per se, but inevitably it did work well. It revived my opinion versus the other system I had contact with, which didn't work too well at all. I think that was mostly due to installer error though.

I took some extra steps to seal/protect the box from the elements, as well as the spring loaded unit that connects to the transmission. It's one of those scenarios where it's a pretty simple task that the system is performing, and he (mastershift) is the only person that has presented a product to do it. It's not the finest, most refined looking system, but it does work if you have a very good/solid mounting system for the box. I also made a retainer about midway for the cables to keep them from moving excessively. In the end it worked out and did function properly and reliably without too much fuss.

I also located a shifter assembly for the Ricardo, from that tranny...I'm going to list that shortly too. Relocating for a new opportunity, so...cleaning house trying to reduce the shear amount of things in my shop I have to move.

Hope all is well with you Fran, I love your work man. I'm hoping upon relocation I can get a particular customer of mine to fund a build of an SL-C...we'll see.