Pivot point bracket dimensions

I'm looking for the measurements (close is close enough) of the hinge brackets that attach to the front and rear clip to the pivot pins.
And as a side note, does anyone have or know of someone that has a spyder section for sale in North America?
I can tell you that most of the replicas I have seen use different pivots than original, and different than each other. The most common I have seen is a steel tube welded to a pair of plates...one at each end which are then glassed to the body part, this allows the clip to hinge around the tube which usually sits in a pair of pivots (I use urethane anti-roll bar mounts.) A simple shaft collar on each side keeps the part from moving side to side. As far as the width of the pivot points they could be anywhere, but the wider the more stable. This setup is used on the GTD cars front and rear and allows for quite a bit of adjustment as the pivots can be shimmed up or down, and slotted holes will allow fore and aft movement...I hope this helps, but if you need I can give you dimensions off a GTD chassis, just don't have them right here at hand.
Good Luck
No worries, if I do something different from the original, i can make up my own. These brackets are something I never paid attention to. I have pics of 1024 being restored and happened to get a few good pics of the original setup, very simple.
After your post I went looking at peoples build sites. I really like the way Neals car is set up, infinately adjustable, may be the way to go, thanks for the reply.

The original structure of the clip pivot points on my chassis is probably its poorest design aspect. Everything else seems rational if not pretty good.

I think they need to be redone. Might you be kind enough to mail me some of the pictures you described, or send me links to them?

Thanks VERY much,
I used aluminum sandwich plates of about 20-25 sq. in. of area. 3/16" on the outside and 1/8 on the inside of the glass. The front pivot point goes through both plates and glass. The rear outer plate has a tab that goes foward for the pivot center. 7ct AN-4 bolts through all plates. AN-5 bolts and brass bushings for the pivot.

At the frame it's 3/4"OD x1/2"ID tube welded on with 1/2"x5/16" brass bushings. Single shear in front and double shear in rear. Bushings are bolted solid to the aluminum plate so the pivot bolt doesn't wear into them. Front tube is welded directly in a corner of the 1"sq tube front frame and in the rear it's bracketed to the 1"sq tube with 12ga plate.