Porsche 917/10 Can Am Replica.

Hi Guys, it's been a while.
My car is done and ready for a new owner to take it to the next level. I designed, engineered, fabricated and built the car myself. Autocross, Hillclimb, Track Day, Car Show!

The car has two Porsche designed Subaru EZ30 six cylinder engines that Were connected at the crank shaft and I had them running. (Go to JB91710 on YouTube and click on videos.). The machine shop I used for the connector made one part out of balance so I disconnected them and have the car running and driving on the rear engine. The fuel, coolant and exhaust systems are still connected for both engines. The new owner would have to create a new connector using a BMW driveline "Donut" and install another Megasquirt computer for the front engine although the present computer may be able to run both engines. Or, you can just run it on the one engine.

The car has Corvette C6 suspension and brakes, a Tilton pedal assembly, ATL fuel cell, Aeromotive fuel pump and filter, braided steel fuel lines, Porsche 911 steering system, QA1 coilovers, Michelin tires, a custom tuned exhaust system, Porsche RSR taillights, decals as the car was raced at Watkin's Glen in 1971, a Vintage and Period Correct MOMO Prototipo steering wheel, tubular steel replica frame, and VDO gauges for both engines.

This is the Only Porsche 917/10 replica in the world that I know of. I think LMK might have made one. When the engines are reconnected, it will be the Only 12 cylinder boxer engine 917 replica in the world that I know of. I have run out of money, energy and technical ability to take the car to the Next Level so I will leave that up to the next owner. I will be looking for $45,000 OBO. The "Real" car which has only a few pieces from the original car, recently sold for around $3,000,000!

Go to JB91710 on YouTube and you can see many videos of the cars I built, the 917 driving and the 12 cylinder engine running. Use a good sound system to experience the actual sound.
Engine starting on 12 cylinders.
Parking lot test on 6 cylinders.



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