Porsche 997 transaxle shifter help.

Can anyone suggest what shifter I can use on a GT40 with a Porsche 997 inverted transaxle? Thanks
Hi George
I fitted the original Porsche 997 Gearshifter and cables to mine. All I had to do was shorten the cables.
You can buy a billet shifter from California Motor Sports but the original plastic one hasn't let me down even with hard shifting
Hope this helps
Pete, thank you for the information. Did you have any issues with getting reverse? It seems the reverse gear has a heavy spring to overcome.
I used a cableshift .com shifter on my active power chassis. Chris also makes a shifter for his chassis.
Actually mine was a 996 shifter and yes is was a bit wide but i made it fit. I had a 996 GT3
cup car box first.It now has a 997GT3 with the original shifter. The detent to reverse does take a little effort but I got used to it. and the resistance helps not to select reverse when you really don't want it. I did find the cable adjustment was finicky, it took a few times to get it just right. That could be a good place to start. There is the correct Porsche tool to adjust the cables, which after much pleading and begging I borrowed from a local dealer.
But after a couple of attempts I got the hang of it without the tool.
All of your information is very helpful. I am having problems getting reverse with my current shifter and might have to rework linkage. Thank you
Without the cables connected can you manually select reverse by hand on the transmission? that will give you an idea how much force is required to select the gear
Mark, I forgot to mention the shifter I’m using was made by Chris and made to fit perfectly in aluminum. It is 4 inches wide and modified to use aftermarket cables. I can send you a picture if you want.