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  • Hi, looking to purchase the body alignment pins and receivers, just seeing if you still make those, thanks
    Yes sir, we have plenty in stock -- $60 aud per set of 4 + post to ?
    Pls Email me [email protected]
    cheers Chris
    Hey Chris, I'm adapting a Porsche Boxster S 6 speed to an Audi ABZ 4.2 V8. They share similar bolt pattern and should not require an adapter however, the starter pocket on the trans doesn't match. Do you know of a solution?
    Hi Chris!
    I'm currently planning a GT40 build and I'm thinking of using Corvette C5 rear bearings. In some old threads I saw that you made C5 to 930 cv stub adaptors. I'm wondering if you still make these? If so, what's the price? Also a rough setimate of the shipping cost to Sweden would be higly appreciated.
    Kind regards, Fredrik Pousard, Gothenburg, Sweden
    Hi Scott,
    To be honest I'm not that familiar with those trans'--other than that they may share a similar bell bolt pattern (as the 01E)
    We have a complete kit for LS / 01E -- we use the engines flex plate and starter
    Pls E me [email protected] --I can do pics and explain better
    Cheers Chris
    Hey Chris,

    Seen a lot of your posts and want you're input. Right now I'm considering 3 transaxels for my Superlite APEX build. G96/01 inverted, G87/21, and 01E fwd. Being mated to LS1 @ 450hp. Many are telling me to choose the 96 over the 87 since I'll need to raise engine with 87. But in your experience is that necessary, or can the trans just sit lower and slightly increase shaft angle? Lately I'm leaning toward 01E since the price is right for rebuilt+LSD+wide gears= $4k. The gearing appears much better then 96/87. When considering the entire package (starter/clutch/adapter etc...What is you're recomendation of these options? Do you sell these adapter kits in US? how much?.

    Thanks for your help. oops this was intended to be pm.

    Try Pete Ransom 0409 944 560
    I think they commissioned a new batch for machining resently
    Hey ole mate, what happened to DRB, we rang up to get some uprights and their number was disconnected and Dazz drove past and the place is deserted
    do you know if we can get hold of the uprights some how, need at least a half a dozen pairs if pos.
    cheers John
    Matty, what sorta crutch you after ?

    We at Mal Wood do allsorts of clutches,

    It was Jim Berry at Race Clutch Gladys st Stones Corner
    hey Chris, howz it going? I was reading on one of your comments somewhere you recommended a mob at Woolloongabba for race clutches but I can't find your post. Any chance you can send me some info on who it was you said were very good?

    Hey Mark,
    Its a needle roller bearing of nom. 21 OD / 15 ID ~12 long and seal to suit -- should be readily available from any bearing supplier
    They are easy to get in but you may have to resort to violence to get it out.
    Had it failed ??
    Any how, if thats too hard I'll send you another
    Hi chris not sure if you got my email I bought a flywheel and pilot bearing from you back in 2007 for my g50 to SBC conversion in a T70 replica I need to replace the pilot bearing what is the pilot bearing from please and what is the best way to get the bearing out of the aluminium holder?
    Chris- could you post the following - I seem to be locked out of replys to anything on the forum - Under Aussie get together post the following:


    If this was to happen it would need to look after the rev heads and the enthusiasts.
    As I originally specked there should be track events for those that have that competitive streak and maybe tours or a rally for the enthusiasts
    This would then end up with an all in social get together.

    All this is open to suggestions and revision

    Show and shine if desired need not be open to the public and have the problem of sticky finger problem. I foresee this as a GT40 get together and does not need to become open to the public.

    Rev heads are commenting and would be accommodated but we would need to have the enthusiasts comment to see if there is an interest to make this happen and combine these events.

    If the interest is there we need then to move on a making a location and then work on a committee

    Hello Im building mid engine car and I would like to use 2000 Porsche boxster s transmission and LS1 engine from 2001 corvette you said that you have complete kit to mate them together
    My email [email protected]

    Hi Chris , do you still have the locaters for sale, if so im interested , thanks Tony..
    G'day Chris,

    Dalton was singing your virtues at our get-together in Canberra a couple of weeks ago.

    Do you have a website where your products are listed? Initially looking at body aligning bosses, but interested in whatever you sell.

    Hi Chris,
    Any chance that you could help me out with an adaptor plate question ?

    As outlined in my thread :
    I appear to have (or had) a problem with the g'box input shaft binding on the crank end in the spigot bearing (302 mated to a G50). It looks like the crank thrust bearing (& maybe the crank) are R/S (I have 35 thou endplay on the crank, vs the rec max of 12 thou).

    I have no idea of the supplier of the plate (it came with the part-started car when I bought it from DC&O (ex Dave Suttie car)). It is 16.45mm thick around the edges where it bolts to the block, & has a circular "dished" area where the bellhousing bolts up. This dished area is 3.85mm deep - giving a plate thickness at the bellhousing of 12.6mm.

    Does this sound right, or do we need to talk about a new plate of the correct thickness ?

    Thanks & Kind Regards,

    Peter Delaney
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