Quick release steering wheel

Just purchased a 2003 built CAV GT40. I would like to install a quick release device on the steering wheel. The splined shaft is .75 inches in diameter and I believe the car has the original six bolt steering wheel. Suggestions, recommendations for a device that could be easliy be installed would be appreciated.
I used a unit From NRG, There is some fabricating involved, but I think you will find that with most of the quick release hub assemblies.
I wanted to stay away from the hex type and splined units as they all have play when installed, and some aren't keyed so putting the wheel back on can be a guess at times.
Here is a link to the hub I am using, it has a set of locking balls inside similar to the setup on an air chuck, but very secure, and the balls and dimples are arranged in a particular pattern so the wheel always ends up in the same place. Zero play in these units, very easy to use.

NRG - Steering Wheel Hubs - Quick Release Kit
Tom I wouldnt use any other than the one Phil has a link to.
I have had several and it is by far the best.

You can adapt to a hub, I had a room issue so I cut the spline out of an original s/wheel.
I then welded the spline to a 5mm steel disk.This became my hub.
I did this because the hubs are to long for me.

I used the same one on my car and both of these guys are right it is tight releases easy and you still have your horn button on the steering wheel. If you want check out my build thread Bobs GTD i have pictures of what I did to make it fit on my car.
Good luck,