RCR 40 MKII Difficulty.

Brian Kissel

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Thanks for the update Rod. Looks like everyone’s guidance has him heading down the correct path.

Regards Brian
Dave & others.
Daniel came & visited me during my build which at the time was maybe 75% complete. He looked the car over, sat in it and asked a lot of good questions. I believe that I was open and honest with my responses & feelings. He then went home to think. Daniel is a VERY young man and has never built anything like this. He contacted me recently and has now embarked on a FFR Daytona Coupe project. He should be fine with that for now, and who knows what else lies ahead for him. Maybe some day he'll join us in the madness.
It sounds like you mentored him very well, and at his age that's how it's done. Bravo, sir!
Its all about common sence.
Building a GT40 aint difficult but it does take effort and common sence.
Ive build my mk2 ground up together with my wife. Took us 1 1/2 year, 3 days a week total devotion.
Covid quality time.
No experiance with kitcars, but 30 years experiance with restoring European classics.
This board & google (which mostly redirected to this board) was my source.
Id visited a lot of classic races to take picures of every detail of the GT40s in the pitboxes. Those pictures where a true guideline.
I took the FFR cobra class at Motts , even though it was a nice experience it is a totally different animal, the car was already built, so everything fits , no modifications are needed , just an assembly process. Even though mine is an SLC I assume the MK II build is also a much higher level of difficulty and time than a factory 5 kit. I think he should be happy he went that route .

I certainly underestimated the complexity and time commitment needed to finish an SLC, but glad to be at the end of the project .