1. HSS-HedrickBen

    Hedrick Speedsports; GT40 Active Power Cars build

    Ok folks. Here is the “start” of my GT40 build log. I am starting with an Active Power Cars, Chris Ardern chassis and it is the +4” stretch. I did have a lot of the body work done with Chris, prior to it being shipped to me in Florida, hence why it looks more complete than others from Chris. I...
  2. Mark IV

    ERA Factory MK II Roadster, "FE" power

    I have available this MK II that was the ERA factory demo. Weber equipped "FE" 427 with ZF DS5-2 transaxle. Painted in "X1" 1966 Sebring winner livery. This car was built by ERA for Peter's use and is fitted with top shelf parts. Some features include: *Original FAV type roadster windscreen...
  3. N

    What's engine does this GT40 have ?

    I just saw a video of a gt40, mk1 I guess, and i just love the sound of it, and I want to know what engine does it have ? Here is the video on YouTube :
  4. 3

    Pinion gear

    Hey everyone, just chasing info on my pinion gear for the stater motor. a Long time ago it had an issue where the clutch slave was leaking and the car started under load. At this point it seemed to be just the slave leaking but then stalled because the clutch wouldn‘t work. Then when I tried...
  5. D

    RCR 40 MKII Difficulty.

    Hello. I really want to build a RCR 40 MKII. I do not know what I will be getting myself into with a project like this, so I am wanting to know the hardest parts of the build and how long something like this would take. When I met with Fran Hall I was told to build a FFR Cobra first and save...
  6. M

    RCR GT40 Part complete build for sale UK

    Kit: RCR GT40 Mk1 Deluxe Engine: Ford 302 (1980-84). Edlebrock E-Street Performer heads, matching cam with lifters, Performer Carb and inlet manifold. GT 40 tubular exhaust manifolds. Gearbox: Fully rebuilt 6 Speed Audi 01E transaxle with Limited Slip Diff, flywheel with heavy duty clutch...
  7. R

    Ford GT and more in the garage

    We have an old downtown building that I converted into a garage and lounge area- A few of the Fords in the mix... The new Superformance MK2 should make it by summer.
  8. B

    ***SOLD*** CAV GT40 Mark I For Sale ***SOLD***

    The time has come for me to sell my one-owner CAV GT40 Mark I, serial number 1A69MONOB66 which was purchased new in 2003. The car is guardsman blue with silver stripes, BRM wheels, a 342 cu in Roush engine, and a ZF transaxle. Ownership has been a labor of love with many upgrades and...
  9. GenZ40


    Mass production is fine for everyday drivers, but what you acquire with GenZcars will be Extremely exclusive. Attention to details and high Quality is our main focus, which is why GenZcars will limit its production to 10 cars per year. In addition to that, we will personalize every single one...
  10. GenZ40

    TurnKey Minus Starting at 75,000 USD - PRE-ORDER

    When we thought of starting GenZCars, one of the most important factor was to keep the car affordable While keeping the quality high. We are not 100% certain on the price but the starting point would be 75,000 USD for a complete Turnkey Minus, all assembled, painted and ready for engine and...
  11. GenZ40

    GT40 NEW Manufacturer - GenZCars - NewYork, USA

    GenZ40s Will be available early 2022 from standard to Hyper Version, starting from Standard Mark I & Mark II in the first quarter, followed by Mark IV and (HyperV) at SEMA 2022. We are more focused on Turnkey Minus cars but will able to available in modular form for self build. To get more info...
  12. GT40 71.jpg

    GT40 71.jpg

    Almost finished, waiting for registration....
  13. titleatty

    FS USA 351W Engine Fresh Build 4/21

    Just finished- 351W Engine (April 2021). 0 miles never installed. Ford Racing Block - New with all new components See attached Build sheet and Invoice for $14k for just the short block and labor. 10.9:1 compression Engine comes with these used parts installed-reconditioned Edelbrock Victor...
  14. M

    Brand new transaxle to a BMW M1.

    I have a brand new transaxle from BMW to a BMW M1, ZF 5DS-25-2 from ther overstock of gearboxes, This gearbox are stronger than from Panteras, Mangusta or GT40 and are original for normal position and not upside down like in a Pantera. Perfect for low engine placement for a low center of gravity...
  15. M

    Stack's Active Power GT40 Build

    I took the plunge a little over a year ago and purchased a GT40 kit form Chris over at Active Power, and I am finally getting around to starting a build thread. I will be building a 1969 LeMans Gulf P1075 replica but using a Ford Coyote engine, along with the Porsche 996 transaxle and Corvette...
  16. Mstarkey3

    Sean's RCR GT40 build

    Hi, I figured I would start a thread for my GT40 build on this site. I ordered my kit from RCR last month and cant wait until it is delivered sometime Mid January. I am excited to share this experience and hopefully get ideas/ suggestions from the group here on I am currently...
  17. S

    Looking for information about GT Developments and Superformance GT40's

    Hi there, From what I've seen GT Developments GT40's seem to be the cheapest way to own a "Ford GT". (Often see them from £65,000 to £90,000) But I can't really find any info about them, I found this thread here but the site no longer seems to exist. I haven't seen any...
  18. Big-Foot

    FS USA Stewart Warner SW-240A fuel pumps and parts ((SOLD))

    I’m in the process of consolidating my shop to get ready for a cross-country move. Many things need to find suitable homes. Offered here is a collection of various SW240a fuel pumps, gaskets and assorted parts.. There are eight pumps in total. All have some external corrosion to varying...
  19. S memorial page for Mr John Horsman

    Safir GT40 is sad to report that Mr. John Horsman has passed away. John has been a good friend over the years and a pleasure to work with. John's technical knowledge and experience has been a most valuable asset in the development of the 50th anniversary edition GULF GT40. Rather than take...
  20. P

    My name is Peter and I have just joined this excellent website Hi to everyone

    I reside in Costa Blanca Spain and sell property commercial and residential internationally. During one of my sales I came across a person who informed me that he had a GT40 which he has owned since 2009 for sale to be honest at the time I was not in the know about this classic car but watched...