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Brian Kissel

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As has been said many times before, Bill Hough does some of the best fiberglass work available. I was somewhat hesitant when pulling a mold from my car was first discussed. I had been approached by someone about a year earlier, and decided against it. I was not comfortable with what was said by the first fellow, and felt I would probably get the short end of the stick. But after many conversations with Fran, and Bill, I was much more at ease. So Christmas night 2003 I left for Frans house, and the next morning we started on our 1000 mile journey to Bills shop. I am very pleased with Bills work, and will be picking up four more bodies, (plus my original) this year from him. I am also very pleased with the quality of work, and the amount of thought put into Frans chassis's. I am very happy that I will be having one from him this spring. As he is building the " RACE CAR REPLICAS ", I am working on the little things for my road going cars. BOTH individuals (Bill and Fran), are some of the nicest people I have had the pleasure to deal with. The attention to detail on both items (the body and the chassis) are second to none. I would highly recommend both gentlemen for any work needed.
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