Rear Clip

The rear clip on my RCR 40 will not open fully, it only makes it about 2/3rds of the way before it interferes with the circled area in the photo. I haven’t put the tires on yet but it’s my guess that it would hit those as well. Is the circled area supposed to be trimmed in some manner before it will open fully. I’ve also attached a photo of the hinge mounts. They are upside down from what the manual shows but that was how they were installed from the factory so that was how I put them back on. I don’t see why it would cause a problem as the clip pivots in an arc around this point, so it shouldn’t matter where the point is necessarily. I have the gaps at the forward end dialed in but ran into this problem once I put the hinges on and tried to open it up. Hopefully I’m just missing something obvious.
Sorry can't help you at this time but don't trim any fiberglass just yet! My car is in CO and I'm nowhere near to take pics or measure for you. Anyway the way those brackets are attached don't look right. You still have some alignment to do!

If I remember correctly, I propped, aligned, leveled the rear bonnet then offered up the underside (belly pan) and bracketry to align with the hinge work. You'll need to compensate and taking into account the sag from the weight of the bonnet. Also, sight Left to Right and look for any twist (more rear tire visible on one side from ground to bottom of rear fender). Takes a fair amount of trial and error to get it right, then you can pretty much leave it alone. How much your exhaust pipe protrudes and it's height can create some interference, but get the bonnet aligned first then worry about the exhaust alignment later. Lots of factors in play here...lots of steps, rinse, repeat, till it's right... Hope this helps a bit. Hope others chime in for you!
Raise the lower part of the chassis so it’s higher and then flip the brackets so the pivot is lower would be my guess based on the photos