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Salina Bailey

Hi Everyone, Been a while since I have posted. Been busy getting the Superformance GT40 MK II ready to sell. I have run into an issue... ugh... I went to transfer the title into my name and found that when my husband had originally registered it in Washington state, someone chose the wrong box and registered it as a BOAT trailer. Apparently there is a company called Super performance boat trailers and the clerk chose that one, or the system defaulted to it. I always wondered why it had a V on the tab and was only 65 bucks to license every year... Anyway, I need to get a company that deals with cars to write a letter on their letterhead giving an approximate value for cars of this make and type of car that it is. Any suggestions on who might do that? I need to get the car sold. I wanted to put it in my name so I could make the title transfer easier. But the title place here has no clue as to what to call it and says they cant just add it in. So I am kind of stuck... help??

I would think you're going to have to deal with the WA Dept. of Licensing in Olympia, not a local office to clear this up.
As far as an appraisal consider Park Place Ltd. in Bellevue.


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Why not contact Superformance and get a statement as to what the car is and represents? As they are imported turnkey minus, many states still consider them an assembled vehicle and perhaps why Superformance isn't in the WA DMV system as I can't imagine yours is the only one in the state.


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Here is the Washington process for registering this type of vehicle.
WA kit vehicle registration

Contact Superformance to see if the can provide a certificate of origin. Park Place would also be an option for a valuation and clarification letter. Most license offices aren’t familiar with the process. If you share the link the can contact a resource in Olympia to clarify. Also, if you have a bill of sale you can use this as a basis for value.