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After 3 years and numerous points of nearly giving up, I can't believe it is actually time to think about registering this beauty! This would not have been possible without the tremendous support of this GT40 forum community and many great friends who helped me overcome obstacles -- thank you!

Years ago, I built a FFR Cobra and purchased an actual 1965 Ford title ($20 from a place called "Titles Unlimited") and that was the basis of the registration and titling in Maryland. Three specific questions about the RCR titling:

1. Is it better to procure an original 1966 title or use the RCR "Certificate of Origin"?
2. How is the car valued and what are the registration tax implication? Sales tax has been paid on every component needed to build it so it wouldn't seem correct if there was a large tax involved at the end.
3. Will it have to comply with "modern" equipment specs? For example, I am no side view mirrors and don't want to be forced to install them.

Thanks to anyone who can share any insights!

Larry L.

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I'd suggest you contact Washington State Dept. of Licenses for current requirements.
Bureaucrats LIVE FOR changing rules/regs/requirements every other week.
What anyone on this site suggests may be the case here today might have been changed a while ago w/o his knowledge!
Ok. You have to swing by and pick me up for the ride. I'm pretty sure you don't have side mirrors attached to your plane either so I'd be comfortable with that. I'll play Goose when you want to change lanes.
Title your GT40 under 'custom vehicle'
Custom vehicles are assigned a model year that the car replicates (i.e. 1966). That avoids any emission or safety standards and makes your car easier to sell in other states with a 1960's title (except CA). You get a lifetime collector car plate with no yearly fees.
Be aware that 'custom vehicle' technically limits car use to car events and occasional transportation. Just don't drive it to work regularly.
You may have to have a vehicle inspection although some Cobra owners have reported being able to title at some license offices without that.
If you have receipts for sales tax paid on the kit, engine, and trans you probably will not have to pay any additional tax.
DO NOT title under 'kit car'. You will be stuck with a 2022 year on your title.
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