Removing a KVA dashboard question?

Hi all - Looking for more help again out there!

I'm in the midst of trying to remove the leather covered dashboard out of my KVA C-type.

It is not bolted in either side as on a GTD, but appears to just be very tight fit between the screen pillars on either side.

However, even trying to prise the dash between the pillars will not allow me to withdraw it.

It also appears to be free all around the base of the screen, but will not allow itself to be pulled back.

There seems to be a slight lip around the forward face of the dash, but this is not catching on anything.

The plenum for the demister also does not seem to be cathing.

Has ANYBODY got any ideas?

I'm tearing out what little hair I've got!!!


Hi Geoff
I am not sure but i think the windshield may have to come....out.
I tried to do it myself but in the end I wired the dash in a temporary fashion by taking the seats out and working on my back, this was only done just to get the car through the SVA. I think the worst thing to do is use an old wiring loom and try to make it fit, best advice is just to make a new one.
Hi Richard,
Good to hear from you - The windscreen is already out (Not in one piece!). The dash seems to be nipped by the bottom of the screen pillars. It appears to be free-ish around the base of the screen aperture, and can be lifted slightly at the centre around the demister plenum, but cannot be pushed down in that area. To all intents and purposes, it should just pull out, however..............

Hi Brett,
I spent most of last night headfirst and upside down in the footwells, and couldn't see anything holding it back. It's driving me mad. It wasn't a good night in the garage last night.......See clutch bleed problems. can only get better!



I don't know if this will help as I have an RCR, but in order to get the dash in or out, I have to loosen the bolts holding the spider in place at the front of the windscreen in order to lift the front of the spider, which gives enough clearance around the pillars to remove the dash.


Hi Geoff,
My recolection from building a KVA was that the dash would not pass between the the lower outer corner part of the windscreen frame, the dash went in first then the front edge and corners of the windscreen section when bolted down trapped the dash moulding.
You may have to release the front edge of the spider and lift it to get a gap through which the dash outer corners can pass. I thought at the time it would be a pain to remove the dash.

Graham and Steve,

I've a horrible feeling you are right.

The spider hasn't been disturbed since 1989, so it could be fun!

I'll let you know.


You were right.

I removed all the bolts around the front of the spider - Lifted it about 2" and 'eased' the dashboard out.

It is definitely wider than the base of the screen pillar, and has a lip around the front.

I think a bit of fettling is required!

Thanks for all your advice.