Replica GT40 Mk1 rotting in woods

Found this picture of a rough looking replica Mk1 just sitting in the woods. Supposedly it was used in a movie at one time. Some said it may be a Fiber Fab kit car. I had never heard of this brand, but upon googling I don't think this car is worth saving. Sorry if this has been posted before, but I didn't see any other posts about it.



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I can confirm that it is a Fiberfab Valkyrie. Notice there is no cutout for the door tops. Unless it has a good motor in it it's not worth dragging out of the weeds.


Doug S.

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The Avenger and the Valkyrie had similar (perhaps identical?) bodies but WAAAY different drivetrains. The Valkyrie was mid-engined/transaxle design and the Avenger was VW powered.

This could be either one, but neither one could be worth much.

A Valkyrie I saw in about 1975 on a used car lot in Denver, CO, complete with BOS exhaust, was the event that spurred my interest in the GT40, so they are not totally worthless!


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