Rest & be thankful

Dave Bilyk

Dave Bilyk
I'll be taking mine on this one, looks like a fun day!
Any other GT40's thinking about coming?

We are still accepting late entries for The Rest & Be Thankful event up until Thursday 26th September.
It's going to be a great day out and perhaps the last chance to use your GT40 this season.
Visit this page to download an entry form:-
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Dave Bilyk

Dave Bilyk
Just to let you all know, this was a really enjoyable event, Mustangs old and new, Cobras of all types, some Sunbeam Tigers, and a Lotus 41C(hillclimb only). But the star of the show had to be the original '64 A98 Cobra Le Mans which was great to see in my mirrors on the first leg of the run from Doune to the hillclimb. Two runs up the hill, a challenge due to the blind crests, but the new surface was great and with the weather and stunning scenery it was a joy to drive, my grin was splitting my face after the second run. The GT40 was very well received, it seems due to the sight and sound of it on the hill, and I was congratulated by the organisers and enthusiastic landowners on being the first GT40 (replica) up the hill. Certainly a day to remember. We had a photographer for the day, so if you would like to see pictures, go to Robson Kidd Photography online Photo Gallery

best regards
Dave Bilyk
Dave, you were the "first" GT40 on The Rest EVER !!!
So you and your GT40 can have that as your claim to fame:)
A great day and thanks for being part of it.
We would love to have a few more GT40's for the 2014 edition, date to be announced soon.
Here's a short film I made of my run up 'The Rest And Be Thankful' hillclimb course, during the Cobra Drivers club Tour.

[ame=]Ram Shelby Cobra on "The Rest And Be Thankful'. - YouTube[/ame]