RF GT40 on ebay

The car advertised is a privately owned car, built in Adelaide, South Australia by very experienced builders who have been involved with several other RF GT40s in this state. The colour scheme is similar to RLs original car but it is definately not that car. A lot of money and quality components have been poured into this car and it would be well worth a look for anyone interested in a complete and registered car.

Chris Kouba

Keith1 said:
Hey guys, not dissing anybodies efforts here - just stating a personal preference.

There's a lot of "noise" on this site (a polite term I believe for general discussion) about values of replicas, and, with my marketing head on, I would say that mostly, people buy with their eyes, and that makes a "replica" with an original appearance and stance worth far, far more.

After all, what are you actually buying in to? It's the dream, the recall and the memory, and if that memory includes a low slung tucked in tyre look, then this is a must have.

Having said that, they all look good and I want one very soon.


Keith :)
I wouldn't kick either of these out of my garage, but still notice the INCREDIBLY different gaps around the rear arches:

(photo shamelessly stolen from the FORD emblem thread)
There is a very significant amount of tire to flare space variation even in original cars. I think most replicas could be easily set to match the spacing shown here on GT40/1065. GT40/1083 also looks similar. The second picture is of a CAV taken from a slightly different angle with similar spacing.



Keith, to some, in fact, many people, what you indicate is likely correct. For me, and perhaps others here, the GT40 is not so attractive for what it was in the 60's in original form, rather, for what it inherently is in modern form. Meaning, great shape, good suspension, fantastic power/weight, centralized weight and good handling - all this updated with modern technologies including better tires, ignition, brakes, etc. If original appearance was paramount there would be a lot more gt40 replicas out there with skinny Avon tires....

Chris Kouba

I'm starting to wonder how much of the perceived variation is due to suspension settings versus wheel arch opening size/shape. There are a few things which make me think the wheel opening is larger on 1065 than that of 1056(? - the one in the pic 3 posts above).

The rear arch opening seems to be above a line extended along the upper crease formed by the top of the intake scoop on 1065 and it seems to be below that on the darker blue car. I've seen a few MKII pics where clearly the rear arches are enlarged and there was the blue w/white stripes MK1 at RM auctions which had obviously enlarged wheel openings:

Just my .$02, and sorry for the thread drift.



Hey Bob that's a great comparative shot and shows just how close the CAV is to the original, and, as Chris K mentioned the wheelarch of 1065 does look slightly larger.

As for the other side by side shot of the "2" '40s, I would guess that only one of them is an original - the silver car is surely a replica?:confused:

Why do i say that? Well, the gap between tyre and fender lip for a start! :D