RX7 Turbo...

Have just come back from a few days in Essex working on a rather nice new-build. A Mazda RX7 Turbo that had electrical issues and required sorting. So, after 2 and half days, all the gremlins are resolved (all mainly wiring mistakes) and we fired the car up for the first time. It has MOTEC M84 management with a nice AIM Pistra CanBus Dash and full logging etc etc. It was my first rotary work so took a little while to sort out things like firing order and timing crip but she sounds sweet as.... The motor itself looks tiny, a little 1300cc 2 rotor thing but with BIG BOY power available, helped by that great big Greddy turbo.
It also has a sequential 6-speed trans with full flat-shift capability so should be a blast to drive. Testing will hopefully follow soon.

Only managed to snap a pic under bonnet with my phone so not too clear but gives you an idea of how small the motor is.

RX7 Turbo - YouTube