Sampling if any interest in a Gulf GT40 shirt to promote art

I found a place that can make a T-shirt, image on black,
of my ultra-realism style painting of a Gulf GT40 (I think it's SN1075 at Laguna) but have no idea if people are willing to pay what I will have to charge for a shirt--$25 USD. (If you know of a lower priced manufacturer, let me know. ) Anyhow the painting is on this website, It's the 9th artwork down.

so let me know if there's any interest. Besides the image it would have a notation under the art of where it can be obtained. I can actually make them one at a time which is why they are so expensive.
Most of the other artworks on that site, once in print form, are no longer available as they were done years ago. I'll probably only make the shirt in size L because it seems car people I meet are L or XL.

PS I liked the narrow roof GT40 Mirage but failed to get a good picture of it when it was at Laguna, so no artwork on that yet.