Searching for ZF set-up tools

Can anyone give me a pointer to a "For Sale" set of tools that is needed to set-up the ZF transmission? I read the procedure a couple years ago and seem to remember an arbor and a pinion depth tool and a couple other items.

Thanks in advance,


Ross Nicol

GT40s Supporter
Most of the ZF special tools are mandrils and pullers for shaft stripping and reassembly.For pinion setup you only require a smooth straight shaft to place in the bearing bores for measurements.The procedure is described in
the manual. Ross

I spoke to Lloyd yesterday and he says he made his own tooling because the ZF factory pieces are not available.

So anyone have a burned out ZF I can have for peanuts?


Dave Wharran

I purchased a ZF manual (ebay)and read through it. Then spent 2 weeks making mandrels, pullers, etc. The necessary tools aren't that difficult to make, just takes a lathe, welder, and some time. The puller for the diff carrier bearings took the longest to make. There isn't a lot of room for a regular puller. What it takes is a bit specialized.


Ross Nicol

GT40s Supporter
Hi Mark & Dave
I agree with you about the puller for the diff carrier bearings.I split the cage, remove all the rollers and the use a split cup that reaches the rear of the bearing and screw my porter power in and pump.You may like a photo of it let me know.I can't take the credit for making it because Will did, and that guy can make anything I reckon.
The way Lloyd Butfoy told me to remove the differential and side bearings from the case was quite simple and required no special tools. First remove the side cover on the outside of the box opposite of the differential side cover, leaving the other outside cover in place to support the differential. Remove the differential cover by removing all of the allen head screws and pull the differential side cover with carrier bearing attached out of the box. Now there is room to pull the remaining differential section complete with the other carrier bearing out of the box. Lloyd did tell me to use a drift and hammer to strike the side of each allen head bolt before trying to remove them because they have a low head height and you don't want to strip the head. It worked great. There is a trick to pulling the side driver bearings as well so that you don't need any special tools. Any one interested?