Second hand GT40 seats

I just bought a GTD40 and I need to restore the inside of the cockpit.
Is there anyone who can help me on second hand seats as by bankaccount is now on 4 wheels in the garage...
I am also looking for full carpet replacement

Ron Earp

Your best bet is to find a good carpet/upholstery man and have everything redone. Trying to track down GTD or GT40 specific stuff seems like a real pain. Beside, I'd bet that a good interior man will do a much better job than any cut and fit pieces as part of a kit.


Andy Sheldon

Tornado Sports Cars
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If you get need new trim for your GTD we have all the items you need here at Tornado Sports Cars eg seats, carpet sets, door trims etc.
Drop me a line for pricing etc.



Better late than never.

Thanks for your feedback on carpet issue.
I followed your recommendation and did it myself trough direct vendors of carpets.
Result: Great new interior after some hours of work but great fun too.
Mxmass and a lot GT40 fun in 2002.