SLC and Mazda Skyactiv-D

Been seeing and reading some pretty cool things about that engine. Curious if it would be a possibility in the SLC. An easy 400+ hp and tq and probably capable of a fair bit more. Big fan of diesels.
More info:

The Skyactiv-D Diesel Engine | Specs, Tech, Photos | Orlando Sport Mazda Dealer

What makes the 2.2-liter, dual-stage turbocharging, 4-cylinder SKYACTIV-D engine special is its combination of light weight, high performance, high fuel efficiency and clean emissions. Altogether, these traits make the SKYACTIV-D diesel engine comparable to competitors' gasoline-engine, gasoline-electric hybrid or plug-in hybrid vehicles.

The 14:1 compressions ratio (compared to typical 16:1 to 18:1 diesel compression ratios), is the industry's lowest for improved fuel efficiency and reduced NOx soot emissions

·More efficient combustion timing

·Dramatically lighter components results in a 10% weight reduction for improved overall vehicle performance, handling and braking

·Two-stage turbocharger for great response and improved torque output

·Variable valve lift for exhaust valves stabilizes combustion for reduced misfiring after cold starts

·20% better fuel economy than other contemporary diesel engines

·Among the first diesel engines to meet tough Tier II BIN 5 North American emission regulations without an auxillary NOx trap catalytic converter or catalytic reduction after-treatments

·Active ceramic diesel particulate filter further reduces exhaust emissions

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We do already have a couple of Diesels....not Mazda though....keep an eye out for ours doing some cool stuff soon...

SpeedSource, Mazda Making Progress With P2 Car - Sportscar365

The factory Mazda squad has moved from the now-defunct GX class to the premier category with its new SKYACTIV-D-powered Lola-based prototypes, which make their public debuts in this weekend’s Roar Before the Rolex 24. Utilizing the same 2.2-liter four-cylinder turbodiesel engine that was used in the Mazda6 GX cars last year, the Florida-based operation has spent the recent months pairing its proven powerplant with the Lola B12/80 chassis...

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I am looking forward to the 24hr race this month....It will be interesting to see what happens with the moving goal Tremblay puts it..

It was bound to happen though....

Katech , our engine sponsor has been busy building LMP-C engines

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Yes but the development costs are massively high and there is no guarantee that the FIA/ACO or any other series is going to keep the cars/class viable ...just look at the GXP class...
I have read through the rules package as far as possible but they are also not set in stone and the cost and dynamics to change mid stream/moving goal post syndrome as the Lola/Skyactive team are finding out is not a worthwhile endevour

Unless someone wants to fund the whole programme then I am all ears....
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There's always this new option:

Cummins Engines

I imagine it's a boat anchor in terms of weight but then it might fit well enough.

How many times would you get black flagged on your first time at the track for shooting out black smoke?

I am down with alternative fuel. Both my wife and I DD diesel vehicles and out of our other 3 rides only 1 is gas (others being electric and propane).