Fuel Level Sender

I'm in the process of trying to fix the fuel gauge in Grant's SLC. The DigiDash would alway read "FLA" in the main display which is the Fuel Level Alarm and Grant had pre-warned me that this was a known problem/issue. I hooked up a laptop to the DigiDash serial port and was able to disable the alarm and also check that the sensor selected for the fuel level was correct for the VDO Dip-Tube sender. I've removed the sender and checked it's operation and it seems to read correctly at empty (0%) and full (100%) when the dip-tube is out of the car and I'm manually tilting it back and forth to move the float. However, If I put it back in the car it just goes back to reading 0% as before with the tank half full.

I'm wondering if the sender is flaky and should be replaced. It's a bit of a pain to get at so am thinking it probably makes sense to just replace it while I'm at it. My question is what sending units have people had the most success with when using the DigiDash setup. Should I buy the same VDO dip-tube style or should I look at something like the new Holley’s Easy Level Fuel (LIDAR) Sender? Has anyone on the forum tried this new Holley unit in their SLC?

Thanks in advance for the help! Scott

Bill Kearley

Hi Walt. On a simple one wire sender you can ground the wire as you watch the gage. If it goes up to full change out the sender.
Thanks for the responses. I like Alex's idea of just setting the DigiDash to the standard American setting of 240/33 and buying a regular sender. I did some research and the reed switch/magnetic field units from KUS look like a good solution. They come in 10.5" lengths which will put the end of the sender 1/2" off the bottom of the tank. I'll let everyone know how it works out.
Take care. Scott