slc floors

I know the seat boxes are dropped 1'' I know they made an extended footbox to move the pedals forward for taller people [I am 6' 3''] I cant find any pictures of that. Has anyone dropped the pedal box my size 12 feet hit the steering shaft [usual for me] and it looks like I will drop the pedal box 1'' as well [this is not the first time I have had to do this] If any body has pictures of the extended footbox I would appreciate it............................m
Mahlon - some photos of the extended footbox in Joel's build thread; think he also does a walk-around in one of his youtube videos. I don't recall seeing photos of pedals installed into a chassis with the extended footbox yet but hopefully someone who's got that setup can post a pic.

Will Campbell

GT40s Supporter
I moved the pedals as far forward as possible and gained another couple of inches by using the super short Wilwood masters. The leg length is perfect for me (inseam 35") with the back of the seat almost on the rear bulkhead. I have size 12s as well and until I moved the motor on the steering column, my feet hit it as well. Now that it is relocated, everything fits fine.

I thought about making a dropped footbox but found I didn't need it after I relocated the offending column motor.
Thanks guy's Will it sounds like you have the Cadillac cts/sts column like I do, tilt/telescopic .I will have to see what i can gain by re-locating the motors. I too am back to the bulkhead with my seat, and have the tilton set up with the short masters. I have done all aluminum for the dash and transmission tunnel so I have room, Its just my feet tend to get in the way. Cam I will do some more looking thnk's...............m

Dan Carter

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I'm 6-2 with gun boat 13 shoes. I have the extended footbox so here is a pic. I have the Olds column and even if I had the Cadi one, I couldn't use the functions anyway. Got to take the steering wheel off to get into the seat. If you want another shot let me know and I will go take one.

Thanks for the picture Dan! The front 2x2 cross-member that the front lower control arm bolts threw must have a notch in it? approx. how far forward is the extension beyond the front firewall would you guess that the masters are sitting in?..............................thnk's.......m

Dan Carter

GT40s Supporter
The font lower control arm bolts outside the footbox if I read your location correctly. I don’t recall any notch there. The rear is of course inside that big silver cup. I’d say the MC stick about 1/4 to maybe 1/2 inch into the extended hole. The real benefit came with getting MC hoses to mate with the inlet to to MC.