***SOLD Active Power Cars GT40 (Project) SOLD***

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I’m moving in a few weeks and need this gone.

$20,000. The motor and headers alone are worth $10,000.

I don’t want to put this on eBay or craigslist but I don’t want to have to move it.

This is an amazing deal.
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Anybody out there still interested in this?

I'm feeling like I jumped in over my head on this project. If anyone wants it for the same $20,000, I'll let it go.
Haha that is actually the smartest thing I've heard anyone say and do for a long time. Typically pride gets in the way of these smart life decisions, and people sit on the project for far too long.
Don't have the cash or space for another project though, but i'm sure you'll find someone to take over from you..
Try BAT? I've sold an unfinished project on there.. better results than craigslist for sure.


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