***SOLD GT40 with Coyote 5.0 and Audi 01E build for sale ***SOLD


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Hello to all,
Came to realization that I will not be able to finish this great car in a reasonable time so it's time to let another enthusiast enjoy the build.
The car is about 50% done. I would say mayor work on the chassis is done. Almost a rolling chassis. Body still needs to be mounted and aligned. Most of the parts to finish the car are there.

The whole story can be found here: https://www.gt40s.com/threads/renatos-gt40-mki-coyote.39327/

Below is a list of major items that will accompany the kit:
GT-Forte kit
2012 Ford Coyote 5.0 (400 miles engine)
Ford engine control pack
Audi 01E Transaxle
Wilwood brakes with Ford calipers and discs
Speedhut gauges, complete set
Vintage air Air conditioning unit
Yaris electric power steering column
RCR radiator and fan
Shifter with cables
Complete fuel system
Wheels with Nitto tires
Rear lights
Headlights and fog lights

Lots of hardware to complete project

I'm on Long Island, NY and would like to sell it locally but willing to crate it for cost of wood if needed

Asking $38,000.00

Open to trades, or combinations...

Anything with an internal combustion engine would be considered...
hearing that makes me wish my '93 RX-7 was closer to being back on the road... waiting on some engine parts to show up so I can reassemble my non-turbo 3-rotor engine for it...


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Hi Mike,

The build progressed a bit after my last build post but not by much.
I'll post few pictures tomorrow of current build state.