2018 Superlite SLC Race Tail

Excellent condition. Under 1k miles on the car. Car just went through by Caliber Customs (Race Shop in Madera, CA). I am selling due to family events and relocation.

If you are interested in financing; Woodside Credit will finance the car for you and payments will be around $1,400/month. Let me know if you would like me to refer you.

Videos on this exact car:

This SLC was professionally built and was delivered in 2019. It is powered by the Corvette LT4 engine giving it around 650hp at the crank. It is painted in a Chevrolet Red, Fire Red. This SLC was built with all the new upgrades and options. I haven't had time to drive the car much and therefore it has only seen the road for a total of 257 miles. The car is in mint condition with no detail overlooked.

Superlite Base Kit
Carbon Fiber Tub Assy.
CF14 Wheels Gloss Black – 18” front / 19” back
Fiberglass Fender Vents – integrated into body and painted
Carbonfiber Aspire Rear Window with vents
LTS Engine mounts
LT4 Engine with dry sump system
Dry Sump Oil System – lines, oil tank with overfill tank.
Engine Controller
GM accessory drive
Graziano 10 Transmission – with bearing and 1.04 drop gears
Emergency Brake – electric and hidden under dash
Seat Belts – 5-point harness
Exhaust – custom pipes with 4” magnaflow mufflers and a third pipe w/ optional shutoff
Sound deadening and Heat Shield – throughout the entire cabin.
Air Conditioning – Blows Cold.
Heater Bypass
Intake Tube – Polished with air filter
ISIS Electrical System.
Door Actuators – open with key fob, no door handles.
APR CF Mirrors – adjustable
Ceramic Coated Exhaust
Tillett CF Seats – One piece with pads and brackets
Battery isolator and master power shutoff
Raptor Pro steering wheel with buttons
A Pillar covers – sprayed in alsa’s soft feel paint
Dash Board – sprayed in alsa’s soft feel paint
Rear lights – Lotus w/ custom LED's
Custom steering wheel and quick release hub
Aim Instrument System.
Front Lyft System – button hidden under dash
Back up camera
Audi R8 Gates Shifter – custom center console with Alsa’s Soft Feel paint
Painted Brake Calipers – Red to match car.
Stereo - w/ Bluetooth, Alpine amplifier, Focal K2 Speakers, tweeters, door speakers with custom center box.
Spal Fans
Nose / Lower vent modification
LMR engine management
Corner Balancing and alignment
Carbon fiber stereo console
Carbon fiber door inserts
Carbon fiber front splitter
Carbon fiber side skirts
Carbon fiber rear wing (lowered)


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I never knew where Madera was, had to look it up. Bummer you're selling as you're not that far away from the bay area.
I take it it's and Allen built car?
It's only a couple hour drive from the Bay area . I drove up from SoCal to San Jose to pick mine up. LOL

Rob Klein

Man it seems there are some really nice SLC's that have gone on the market with not very many miles.


Man it seems there are some really nice SLC's that have gone on the market with not very many miles.
I mean this one was just sold by the guy who’s also selling the GTR north of 150. Call me crazy but someone is trying to make money off these. I’m all for it, but it’s obvious when you can track the builds.