Ford (Superlite) GT-R
I have decided to sell my recently completed GT-R . The car is extremely well built and fast!

Here are the details: Paint – Ford Race Red w/ Frozen white stripes (7 coats in total)

Engine – Coyote 5.0 w/ 2.9L Whipple supercharger and tuned to 91 octane @ 745hp (840 w/93 octane)
(On Dyno it was doing 152 in 4th gear) Graziano Transaxle w/ 1.04 drop gears
Forgestar wheels (19’s in the front and 20’ in the rear)
Custom bundle of snakes exhaust (ceramic coated) Magnaflow mufflers
Infinity power box system
Custom cold air intake
H-Craft fiberglass interior wheel wells
Rear hinged w/ gas struts on both sides
Doors, rear and hood are on poppers which are opened with the key fob
Custom 3.5 gallon supercharger coolant tank
Air conditioning and heat (Vintage Air)
Solid floor below the engine to reduce rocks and dust
Solid rear glass and windshield (side windows are fiberglass and molded in)
Gas filler moved to passenger side
H-Craft custom door cards to match original GT
Electric Ford GT original side mirrors
Sparco seats with Carbon fiber backs, on sliders
Electric E-Brake
Original Ford GT E-Brake is located in the correct spot but is non functional
Custom stereo w/ 10” subwoofer and Focal door speakers
Custom gated shifter

Ill get some photos of the interior without the seat covers sometime this week.

Price: US$180k

Car is located in Southern California (San Diego)

Video of car can be seen on Youtube


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I am happy to discuss the pricing. I will call you later this morning at the number provided.

Doug 760-910-6438
It is available. The car was sold however the buyer disappeared after making an acceptable offer. It is registered and street legal.