Some pics from 10 years ago at The Castle

Simon, Great photos. I can't imagine someone driving along, minding their own business and being a racing fan and seeing this lot parked out in front. I'd have thought I'd have died and gone to heaven. Thanks for posting these.

Larry L.

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'Love the looks of the rear diffuser on this '40. Don't have the slightest CLUE (or care!) how 'effective' it may be - it sure 'finishes the car off' at the rear looks-wise.

Mike (MHNOCO) made one for his a year or two ago. 'Never did see (or just don't recall seeing) the final product though...

Very nice!
Also very funny that a pic shows up with my car before I own it. (fourth pic)
I changed/modified it quite a bit over the years...
Thanks for posting Simon. I remember that day well albeit 10 years ago. My car didn’t make the front row but it was a particularly impressive line up and generated a lot of interest.