SPF Roush 8 stack injection support

Back in 2007 I purchased one of the first SPF MKIs to come to the US. The engine I went with is a Roush small block with 8 stack injection. As I had hoped, the engine has performed perfectly until recently when the idle speed started creeping up. The problem I'm running into is that the ECU and related systems were made by Accel. Over the years Accel was bought out, and the system I have is no longer made or supported. I know there were numerous early SPF 40's that went with Roush injected engines, likely with the same control systems, and wondered what others are doing to tune their cars. I was told there was an ex-Accel engineer who was acting as a consultant, but I have no contact info. Anyone have ideas?


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Hello Daryl,

Have you done a Google search?

You try to fix it yourself or you look for somebody to do the job for you?

One newer source:

Do you have the hard- and software to enter the accel ECU?
https://www.holley.com/products/discontinued_product/parts/77882 - Not Available

there are sites to download

Two lessons from my experiance:
- throttle body synchronisation is key
- I had a broken air intake temp sensor which was making the ECU run on emergency mode (error code on ECU)

Some links:

Hope this helps


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Note: after throttle body synchronisation you must do a TPS calibration via ECU access - not sure what happens w/o - might harm the tune

When I ordered my car I saw your car at Dennis' shop - maybe he can help.....