Stainless Exhaust for sale


I've decided to sell my stainless steel exhaust system that I have currently on my MDA. It is a full cross over system and comes complete with silencers.
It is brand new and never seen any action. It is quite stiff to align up but it does fit my car with good clearance to the rear clip. With a little tweeking and maybe the flange holes opening out a little, it would be fine. I'm told the stiffness eases significantly once it's been warmed up for the first time.
The reason I'm sellling it on is that I've decided to go with Southern GT's new racing system which will be perfect for my usage and has been proven already to be very quiet.
I'm asking £900 if you're interested.



Hi Martin
I have a Tornado with a 302. Have you any idea if your system will fit? My biggest concern is that the pipes look like they are very close to my cluch slave cylinder. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated (I am a "novice" when it comes to mechanics!)
Hi Darren,
My exhaust was made up to fit my 302 but at Porsche height. The Porsche sits slightly lower than a Renault box in the MDA but not much. Do you have a Renault box ?
It should fit o.k as there is a lot of space between the exhaust and the clam shell but it's a lot of money to just have a punt at.
My clutch cyclinder is well out of the way but I'm not familiar with the Tornado set up.
If you are really interested, I could bring the system up to try on your car. Leisester isn't that far away and I wouldn't want to tell you anything that wasn't true. No obligation of coarse.
I'm very busy at the moment (working away in Russia) but if the idea appeals drop me a PM and we'll see what we can sort out.
Did you throw in the mouldy old trainer in the first picture?

I like the respect you were showing the spider by standing on it :):):)
That mouldy old trainer was on my foot. I never wear my best stuff in the garage. It only gets ruined.
The spider is pretty strong. I'm often standing on it. You get quite a good view from up there. :)