Superformance Tool Room full exhaust bundle of snakes for sale

Superformance Tool Room GT40 exhaust pipes, collectors and straight pipes. Complete full exhaust system. Brand new. Black exhaust coating. MSRP $5500. Pictures upon request.

$4000 plus shipping. Mainland USA only. Located in Florida

Price drop. $2500 plus shipping.

I don't think you could have a set made and coated for this price. I'd like to see these on someone's build.
Hi Walt! I agree! I do think you would actually struggle to get these made for this price, unless you're making them yourself. And even then, material, hours of fab/welding, plus exhaust coating. Hopefully the right person will see the value in them and grab them.

In fact, as a comparison, there is a manufacturer advertising an exhaust on eBay, and they want $5k...

Nothing to do with me by the way.

Nothing's cheap nowadays!