The club ?

Total disarray , We are given to understand that Belinda is now acting chairlady, that John having resigned, Graham has given up the Website and membership secretary, and editor Richard is now membership secretary, all others seemingly now in winter hibernation. The only seemingly awake ( and doing a fantastic job ) is the Editor of the great magazine.
Frank, the disarray is not total, merely partial.

I shall no doubt be castigated for having anything at all to say on this public forum where it concerns the Club's Committee, but I shall do so nonetheless; I abhor censorship.

Whilst it may appear to you, Frank, that virtually the entire Committee is in winter hibernation, I can assure you that this is not the case. I and some (but not all) other members of the Committee have been working hard and fast to resolve some administrative problems (not of our making) of which you are not aware, and which actually threatened the continued existence of the Club. And no, I'm not going to say what the problems were.

Currently my position on the Committee is dealing with the Club's advertisers, those very welcome businesses who fill pages in our magazine, and provide us with financial support. However, after doing this job for just one year I intend to step down with effect from the next Annual General Meeting. My reason is quite simple: Having previously spent an enormous amount of time editing the magazine, without the aid of any support staff, then moving on to another job, which whilst less time-consuming is still requiring of my attention, I have no intention of working on a Committee of which, to the best of my knowledge and belief, some one third of its members actually do nothing. Nothing at all. Zero.

I have tried repeatedly to get some feedback from certain Committee members on what they actually, really, genuinely, do for the Club, but the same little band keep their heads down and remain silent.

As you know, the make up of the Committee changed substantially at the 2018 AGM, and thankfully the Club got a much-needed injection of enthusiasm and effort from the newcomers, some of whom - especially Richard, Graham, Anita and Belinda - have stepped up to the mark and got on with essential work. I do wish I could say that all Committee members had tried as hard as they have.

When I joined the Committee, as Editor (a post which involves automatic elevation to the Committee), I said at the outset that I would not be attending meetings; I am based in South-Western France and it would not be practicable for me to do so. Thus, I shall not be attending the 2019 AGM; it is not worth my time, effort and money to do so. I suggest that if you attend, Frank, you may like to quiz those Committee members who do attend as to what they have actually done for the Club in the last twelve months, and whether their roles are really necessary.

However, I am hopeful that under Belinda's leadership the Club will go from strength to strength. It has an excellent magazine, an improved website, and a growing membership, but whilst at least three non-performing individuals remain ensconced on the Committee, I shall no longer be involved.