The most cost effective transaxle option for SLC

Hey there everyone,

So after speaking with Fran here recently, we wanted to put this out on the site here for public conversation and consumption.

For quite some time the ability to locate a good quality transaxle at a cost that would not break the bank has been something that many companies have been trying to find. We have a kit that some of you are already using in your builds, but we wanted to share it with everyone here, as well now that we are back in good standing again.

The G96 street car gearbox is a very well designed gearbox that has the added bonus of being quite cost effective. We have developed an adaptor kit, custom flywheel and complete kit that I think you will agree is a pretty darn good deal.

Currently we have access to new Factory Reman units, (new internals) at a pretty impressive price.

Here is the most cost effective kit that we have come up with to date. We have this gearbox in a test bed that is generating nearly 700 HP and so far it has held up just fine. We currently only recommend it for applications of 550HP or less, however, it does appear that it will handle quiet a bit more.

$4,600.00 Gearbox inverted ready for installation (open differential)
$1,800.00 Adapter kit with custom flywheel (for LS applications)
$1,169.00 Stage II clutch kit
$102.00 Bolt kit
$168.37 Slave cylinder

$7839.37 Total plus shipping.

Additional options that many go with as well are:

$2100.00 New OS Giken Limited Slip Differential installed
$220.00 Cooler in and out ports installed with fittings
$906.00 Pump, Cooler, Fittings, Filter, and 15 ft of Steel Braided Line

So even with all of the bells and whistles this is still a great option. I don't mean to leave any of the other manufactures out on this one, I am just unsure as to fitment in other cars at this point.

We always appreciate the opportunity to work with as many builders here as we can so please let me know if we can be of help answering questions, or supplying whatever you might be in need of.

Happy to help,

Erik Johnson
(303) 440-8899 work