Transfering a kitcar to Hawaii

Bill Kearley

Reach out to anyone that may be moving there and ask to add to a container load . Matson, ( a container shipping co. ) , is a big player around the islands
Have done the intial reserach and there seems to be no "catagory" for kit/speciality cars later than 1968 to get registration.... I am wondering if anyone was able to take a "registered and titled" car from another state (with the state VIN being accepted) and reregister it in Hawaii or went the Wyoming way and annualy reregister it as an "out-of-state" vehicle.
Check this out carefully:
SEMA has successfully passed similar laws in several states. We got a SEMA law passed in WA state in 2011 to allow registrations as the year the vehicle replicates. The term ' street rod replica' may be confusing at first, but it would seem to apply to any replica of a pre 1968 vehicle.

Bill Kearley

O, no idea about registration. !!

Figure out this one from Canada. There is a difference between a KIT CAR and a CAR KIT. when it comes to importing.
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Howard Jones

Pretty clear to me. This is exactly what a SLC is.

"Street rod replica vehicle" means a vehicle that was assembled from a manufactured kit, either as:

(1) A complete kit to construct a new vehicle consisting of a prefabricated body and chassis;