UK KVA "C" rebuild 2023

Hi all,
Just purchased what I believe to be a "c" chassis KVA, that has sat still for 28 years.
I will post some pics , and would appreciate any information on parts that are used and pointers as to what might benefit with upgrading.
My aim is to try and replicate a original looking car (lights/indicators/seats /interior) but I know its always going to be a replica.
Looking for a meet with fellow owners in the south of England so I can pick over some details of other peoples cars!
What are the differences between a 1988 KVA body and a original, as I was led to believe that the bodys came from a original GT40 mold, but have read elsewhere that they are incorrect.
Where are the front side repeaters placed originally if they had them?
Not looking to make SVA compliant as its already reg
istered! many questions!


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Quite a find there Ian. Perhaps you should join the enthusiasts club over there. There are a lot of very knowledgeable people on that side of the pond.
Good luck with your quest.
Regards Brian

Mike Pass

KVA is from Kenneth Vincent Attwell who was allowed by Ford to create a replica. He made several alterations to the original body shape which is why most replicas have the ridge line at the top rear of the side windows. The C type chassis is OK. The slight issue is that the chassis tapers in at the front so the wishbones are of unequal length. This means that on full lock the tyre can touch the inner wheel arch at the back.
The C type uses Ford Granada uprights at the front with fabricated tubular wishbones and coil over dampers. The rear uses trailing links with reversed lower wishbone and a fabricated upright with Ford Granada Mk3 hubs which are 5 bolt. The Halibrand style 15" wheels have a limited choice of tyres. I would change the concrete tyres you have for Avon cr6zz which are the best but not cheap!
The KVA body panels are good and like the GTD bodies.
You have a Renault gearbox which may be the 369 box or the UN1, There is usually a metal tag on one of the rear cover bolts with the model number stamped into it. The clutch is probably the Renault one. The box is attached to the engine with an adaptor plate.
The engine looks like a Rover V8 and probably has a 390cfm Holley carb with vacuum secondaries. The carb will have a List Number stamped into the choke tower on top of the carb so you can look up the specs and rebuild kits on the Holley list numbers info.
The seats look to be Corbeau which don't look very original.
There is a right hand rod gearchange set up.
I would suggest a good check of the brake lines and also the fuel lines which may have deteriorated. Also the brake pistons may be stuck due to corrosion. The brake calipers and seal kits are available from Burton Power as are the hub bearings.
You have a good base to start off.
First off follow JPs suggestion and join the GT40 Enthusiasts Club. There will be a group near you with monthly meetings vwhere you can meet up with other owners and get access to a lot of help and knowledge.
Post where you are based as this will help to suggest local help.
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