How to identify gt40 kva chassis type ?


I am looking for to find out how to identify type A, B, or C chassis in KVA GT40 replicas.

How is it possible to identify these different types of chassis?
what do we need to check to identify the type

I know the b type is very rare.

What are the structural differences between the A, B, C chassis. Can we install a v8 for all type, or only for some of them ?

Mike Pass

The early chassis have a complete Ford Cortina Mk3 front axle and trailing arms (Granada) at the rear. The top of the rear coilovers mount to a cantilever.
The later C type chassis has fabricated wishbones at the front and Ford Granada Mk2 uprights. The front of the chassis tapers in at the front so the front wishbones tubes are unequal lengths. The rear suspension is like the original cars with a reversed lower wishbone, a top link and two trailing arms. The uprights have a large diameter tube in the middle carrying Ford Granada Mk3 hubs.
For the B type chassis info contact J P Verweij on this forum who has a B type KVA.
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