UN1-026/27 "Holloway" kit GROUP BUY

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Well..., actually only 7 now, LOL.
I met in November 2014 with the President of EMCO Gears, which manufactured the UN-1 transmission upgrade kit for Holloway Performance. EMCO is willing to make more kits, but the minimum production order would have to be at least 10 units. EMCO is asking $4000.00 per kit, which is very close to the closing sale price of the original Holloway kit. This is a great deal, because the original production run required 20 units minimum. Taxes, shipping, insurance is extra. This price is good till March 15.

EMCO manufactures racing gear sets for INDY cars, Porsche, Ferrari and other high performance cars, so they have a proven track record.

It would be great if we could find 10 people interested in acquiring this kit and be able to organize some kind of "group buy". IF we identify 10 people interested in this kit, I will then be in position to discuss the arrangements with EMCO and work out the details.
Here are details from Craig, the owner of Holloway Performance and the design reasons:

"Lotus did very little to upgrade the gearbox after the S4 model in 1991. The introduction of the V8 in 1997 placed a new amount of stress on the design, which is why the upgrade kit was developed. The only change in 1998 was the position of the external gear shift "translator" on the outside of the gearbox case. Nothing on the internals changed.

The upgrade kit addresses 3 weaknesses:

1. The primary shaft which takes the power from the engine is a 1 piece design on the upgrade, versus 2 pieces on the OEM. All flex is removed.
2. The primary shaft is larger diameter and 9310 grade race steel, which eliminates the potential for shaft breaking on the 5th gear overhang (a common failure on OEM).
3. All bearings have higher torque specs, plus gears 1 and 2 ratios are optimized to reduce the "step" between gears, allowing for better synchronizer functionality.

All of these changes make the gearbox internals well capable of 600+ ft lb of torque. Great insurance as a new gearbox would be almost impossible to locate should the OEM fail.
Please be aware that the EMCO / Holloway Performance kit is designed as drop in kit for gearboxes with 52mm rear shaft bearing. 52 mm bearing was used starting with the S4 model.
I took the 52mm rear shaft bearing statement from Holloway page.

I am just trying to see if we can find 7 more people interested. I am buying one of 10 and there are 2 people who showed the interest on Lotus Talk in making their transmissions much stronger and eliminating known issues.
This kit fits only:
UN1 – 026 – High Torque G/Box – Stronger Casings etc. introduced circa 1993. This Box had rear cover with R/H shift lever
UN1 – 027 – V8 Gearbox – Introduced in 1996 on V8 Esprit. Similar to 4 Cyl High Torque units with new Clutch Housing. It carried over the R/H shift lever.
This kit will fit only gearboxes off S4, S4S and V-8 Esprits.
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Kevin Box


This all sounds very good

Can you tell me the following

Is the kit complete with new bearings etc or just the gears

Also you mention the kit is for UN1 versions 26 & 27 which have 52mm rear bearings.
If you have other versions such as UN1-13 does the kit fit this or do you have to modify the casing for the 52mm bearing ????

Kevin B:idea:

Kit is for UN1 26 & 27 high torque versions which have 52mm rear bearings. Sorry, no other options are offered.
Please take a look at the photos showing the actual kit, above. There are 2 SKF bearings included.

Kind Regards
We have reached the minimum requirements.
We are proceeding with the project.

Please PM if you want to join this group effort.

Kevin Box

Hi John

From what i can see in the pictures so far the Holloway kit utilizes two tapered roller bearing to replace the double row angular contact bearing.
Do you happen to know the numbers of these bearings and maybe I can work out if this will work for the 62 mm UN1 boxes.


There are two SKF 320/28 X/Q (52mm OD, 27.80 mm ID, 11.90mm wide outer race, 16.54mm total width ) tapered bearings and one SL 183005AXL-INA (47mm OD, 25.90mm ID, 15.94mm wide) roller bearing.

Shaft comes with the Renault type 24mm/21 spline which fits Esprit clutch driven plate.

As an option, it could be also made with a standard Ford 1.0” dia 23 teeth spline ( fits
AP racing CP2583 with a sprung centre or Ford spline 4 paddle cera-metallic ), but this is much easier to come by than the Renault 24 mm spline!,
plus appropriate release bearing setup( an AP pressure plate CP2394-46 which is
rated at 511 lbs.ft with the CP2583 plate). Clutch bits are not part of the Kit!


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Completed successfully.

One person bailed out due to a job/financial reasons, so I have an extra kit on hand.
Please PM me if you are interested.
(even if you were not on the Group Buy List).
Original Holloway kit is looking for a good home. The last one in existence. Out of the box, genuine new, never installed.
Please PM me if interested.

The first Group Buy has closed two years ago, great success, everybody is happy.
In last 6 month, I have received 3 new inquiries. Looks like perhaps a momentum is building...

Please add your name to the List, and depending on the demand, I'll explore feasibility of initiating another Group Buy for this kit.

The List: