Unfinished SLC Project For Sale

I have decided to sell my unfinished SLC. The car is located in a repair/fabrication shop in Northern California and is about 65% finished. This car was being built as a street car with the ability to do track days as needed. Here's a quick overview of the car:

1) 525 HP LS 376 Crate Motor installed and rubber mounted with LS7 Exhaust Manifolds and Catalytic Converters (not running because we have not done the electrical wiring harness or fuel system).
2) Graziano 6 Speed Manual Transmission installed and rubber mounted.
3) Dailey Engineering Dry Sump Oil System installed.
4) Vintage AC/Heater installed.
5) Rubber Mounted Radiator and Fans installed.
6) Welded Stainless Steel Water Lines installed
7) 85% of the bodywork sanding is finished (about 150hours)
8) Body Fitment by RCR.
9) Street Tail Mounted.
10) RCR Parking Brake Calipers and Pads installed.
11) Forgestar Rims with Nitto Invo Tires installed: Fronts are 275/35 ZR 18: Rears are 325/30 ZR 19.
12) RCR Front Lift Kit
13) RCR Full Interior Kit
14) RCR Fiberglass Wheel Wells(4) installed.
15) RCR Carbon Fiber Engine Cooling Vents are fitted but not attached.
16) Front Carbon Fiber Aero Spoilers (2 per side)
17) Headlight Fixtures installed.
18) Aftermarket Steering wheel with 6 Wireless Control Buttons.

This car has been assembled by a professional mechanic/fabricator who has extensive experience in custom cars, as well as racing motorcycles, cars, and go-carts.

The body has been modified in three particular areas:

1) The dashboard has been reconfigured to look more sophisticated.
2) The Street Tail attachment is redesigned to be much more solid and stable than the original.
3) The rear spoiler has been modified to make the car look sleeker.

This car has been very carefully built and engineered to be a solid, reliable street car. It will be a very gratifying project to finish, resulting in an incredible car to be enjoyed for years to come. If you are interested, please contact me for pictures, call me, or best of all, visit the shop and see the car in person in Palo Alto, CA.
Asking $70,000.

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Holly cow Bill, that is going to be a smoking deal for a lucky guy. It will not last long at that price !!! Got all the hard stuff done.