1. C

    For sale: koso tac/dash and infinity box system

    Hi everyone, trying to get rid of some inventory. This came with the slc but I'm using an aim pdm32 and digital dash. I'm asking $330 shipped. Also have an infinity box system for sale ($1500). Feel free to message me here or email me at [email protected]
  2. C

    Sold** 2JZ superlite SLC for sale

    Hello everyone i got a Superlite SLC I’m considering selling due to lack of time because of my business, it is setup for 2JZ with graziano it’s unfinished project with all crabon fiber interior, carbon fiber splitter, carbon fiber fender vents, carbon fiber rear window louvers, and carbon side...
  3. S

    Looking to purchase a Superlite SLC unfinished or finished

    Hey guys, I am on the hunt for an unfinished or finished superlite slc. Let me know if any available! Thanks Sean
  4. M

    New SL-C from Atlanta saying hi!!

    Hey guys!! It's been about a month or so since i got my SL-C project from @Gareth . I was the lucky guy to take it off his hands (he knows he can always come to Atlanta and drive it!!). I was told there is another SL-C in Atlanta.... anyone here? is it true? Not sure how many SL-Cs total on the...
  5. M

    ***SOLD*** LS3 RCR Superlite for Sale ***SOLD***

    Up for sale is a [roughly] 90% finished RCR Superlite. I purchased the car in the summer of 2020 from a gentleman by the name of Colin Dalzell who is known as Dazzle here on the forum. Copied and pasted below is a majority of his for sale post with details regarding the car along with a few...
  6. B

    Unfinished SLC Project For Sale

    I have decided to sell my unfinished SLC. The car is located in a repair/fabrication shop in Northern California and is about 65% finished. This car was being built as a street car with the ability to do track days as needed. Here's a quick overview of the car: 1) 525 HP LS 376 Crate Motor...
  7. L

    Slc builder recommendations

    Hey there. , my name is Mario, been lurking , reading , and following posts . I have decided to buy an slc . Fell in love with this car the second I saw it . I chose not to build one my self because I’ll never finish it. My business requires a lot of time. And I’m opening a new business over...
  8. G

    Bump Steer eliminater

    I am having an issue with bump steer. Has anyone ever installed a bump steer eliminater on their SLC. If so, how did it work and what kit works with the SLC? Any help would be appreciated. Godspeed
  9. Jkviper

    Joel’s SL-C Build Thread

    Hi everyone, I figure I’d get started and create my build thread. I ordered an SLC 8 weeks ago so delivery date is something like 8 to 16 weeks out This will be my first component/kit car although at 19 years old I semi-restored a 68 Corvette. Did some body work, hand made the entire interior...
  10. P-nut

    Hyperfest- SLC to contest UTCC and NASA TT

    Ed D and I are going to Hyperfest this year, mostly to see the Raver Motorsports SLC run at the Ultimate Track Car Championship. Their car is likely the fastest SLC ever, and they hope to do well with it this year. Last year (on Sunday, after the UTCC) they ran a 1:48, which is a very quick...
  11. G

    SLC Windshield

    I am looking for a SLC windshield. Not the lexan. Any leads would be appreciated.
  12. E

    SLC at the track this week end

    Raver Motorsports will be at Summit Point this weekend 4/20-22/18. This is one of the fastest SLC around if not the fastest. Check out some of the videos on facebook and youtube. There may be two other street SLC there. Agile Automotive is there support team and will be taking care of the car.
  13. C

    Dallas Fort Worth RCR/SLC get together

    We're having a DFW SLC get together. Texas motor speedway is doing charity laps on 5/19/18 at 5pm. $40 for 3 laps if you sign up online. Craig will have the green one there. I'll have the yellow one. John is trying to finish up the white one before then. Frank? Cody? There is a pace car but...
  14. Howard Jones

    SLC Hubs/ race worthy

    I know this has been discussed in the past, so in order to get this info all in one place and into the search function what would be the most current, 4/9/18, BEST and strongest hubs to use on a track use SLC. I need to replace all four corners ASAP. First a few questions: 1. What year and...
  15. I

    Need some Info about SLC Superlite coupe

    Hi everyone, i'm new to SLC world and need some information about it's chassis, i need some dimentions (a cad model would be great) if not, i need the overall lenght and width of the Chassis itself and the cockpit sizes as mentioned in pictures. Thank you.
  16. Dreamcars

    RCR Superlite SLC - GT-R Fuel System for Sale

    I am selling this fuel system out of my Superlite SLC due to engine reconfiguration. Was installed but never ran. Everything there but the 100 Micron fuel filter. Bosch 044, Walbro and 40 Micron Filter. Mics. -6 AN fittings, hose,crush washers, pressure regulator and surge tank. It is rated for...
  17. Jkviper

    Picture of Deep Blue SLC

    If anyone can post or direct me to a photo of a deep blue gel coat SLC I would appreciate it. Thanks, Joel
  18. L

    SLC #242 For Sale ***SOLD***

    Hello Everyone, It's with regret that I'm forced to sell my uncompleted SLC due to too many medical problems that are preventing me from working on and completing it. The car is complete with all the parts that came with it when I received it in Jan 2016. Other parts have been included that...
  19. C

    Hello from New member!!!!

    Hi everyone, just joined the forum but I've been browsing for few months now. I have owned couple exotics and couple projects that never got finished due to the fact i'm not that mechanically inclined and it was always a challenge finding the right person willing to take up on a custom vehicle...
  20. 9

    Can I see your SLC in SoCal?

    Hello, I own a SPF GT40 and looking to start a new project. I'm very interested in building an SLC but would like to see one in person first. If you have one finished or almost finished and live near Calabasas, CA, I would love to talk to you about it and check it out before I send Fran...