Valve cover breathers and steam ports?

Howard Jones

Ya you will need a baffle or the rockers throw oil up and into the fitting. I bought these and modified them to suit. Pretty cheap. The cast aluminum tig welded just fine.

Carb or FI? they both make the same HP and they both work fine IF, and that's a BIG IF, they are correctly tuned. Neither work if they aren't done correctly. Now IMHO the 750 BP Holley's are pretty easy to tune, much less money than FI, and no need for me to learn a new system, even for a road race application. But then I have grown up with them and have been using them for a long time.

I did look at a few FI systems, talked to the engineering dept at a couple of them and concluded that I would save the several thousand dollars it would take to redo my setup. Not to mention the dyno time and $$$ it would take to tune it. Just doesn't pencil out for me.

I settled on this set up if I did it.

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