Wanted used low profile enclosed car trailer.

Jim Albright

I sure hope this is indicating good news out of Detroit.

Regards Brian
Just trying to plan ahead a bit...I had a quote on a new trailer 2 years ago and when I got the current price, it had doubled, and they are unwilling to lock in at the quoted price. They want a blank check due to the price of materials rapidly increasing:(

Brian Kissel

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That’s complete bullshit. I’m so over “it’s because of Covid”. Come on folks it’s time to move on. Be safe doing it, but people need to get back to work and get products out in a timely fashion at a reasonable quote. I had a quote last May for 125 sheets of 1/2” OSB. It was a little over $7600.00 with tax. I waited it out and purchased last September for $1645.00 including tax.
I hope you can find what you need in time. Are there any local trailer sales that rent trailers? Perhaps you could do that until the right deal comes around for your purchase.
Just a thought.

Regards Brian

Bill Kearley

Brian, in our travels traveling the backroads of northern B.C. last year we came across log yards stacked with lumber ready for market. The sawmills where hording lumber all over my area in order to drive up prices. I should have taken pictures to show North America
Jim, a flat deck and build the top yourself ??