What Value?

Hiya. What's the best price anyone has got for a GTD? My car is well built and registered as a Ford on an age related plate. It per usual has a renault box (rod change not cable), marine 302, webbers, ap clutch, aircon, hallibrand replicas. All mots are kept with mileage now at 20,000. Recent bills for £3K include new rad, callipers, piston rings, exhaust, head gaskets, piston rings, valve job etc.
Goes like stink. What is the best I can ask for chaps?

David Morton

Lifetime Supporter
Wow. What a question Keith. IMHO firstly it's what ever somebody might want to pay to have title, secondly how many other GTD's are on the market at the same time, and lastly (but maybe should be the first) how much does it owe you. In other words I haven't got a clue.
Hi Keith,

Have you had problems MOTing the car as it's registered as a Ford and not a GTD? I was under the impression the DVLA were quite hot on that?