Why are liberals control freaks?

What is it about conservatives that makes them think they have the right to control?
They want to control what drugs you can take, what God is on your money your schools and in your public places, what you do with your uterus, your vagina and yoru penis, who you can marry, whether you can have kids, whether you can join a union or not, what you have to "prove" so that you can vote, what religious chicanery should be taught in schools instead of science, what you can and can't do to when engaging in political speech (corporations? free speech! burn a flag? hell fucking no!), and want the police to have the ability to go poking their noses wherever they want and so on.

The idea that "conservatives" are for more civil liberties than "liberals" is laughable. Both have their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to this area.

Too much Fox News for you I think!
Drug control, can you imagine the goverment/citizen cost to take care of people strung out on legalized drugs.
"In God We Trust" had been on US money since 1861, you should have done something about it then. It been on schools and public buildings since they were built.
Uterus, vagina, and penis, I suppose this is a reference to birth control. If you want to pay for it, it's fine with me, just don't include my money.
If same sex want to marry, fine
Having children is probably the most important thing a person can do. Unfortunately having common sense to raise the child properly is not required.
We are not restricted from joining unions, at times we are required to join a union in order to work.
We are supposed to be US citizens in order to vote, it the most important thing we do, whats wrong with an ID? We need an ID to drive, cash checks, ect, ect.
Religion has always been in schools in some form, but you want everybody to abstain. Why not have it be choice?
Why would any citizen of this country want to burn the flag? That's not freedom of speech.
If death bothers you, then why don't 54,500,00 abortions since 1973 bother you?
There are about 3000 partial birth abortions a year, these are late term pregnancies.
According to those who champion this method of abortion, it can be rapidly performed without hospitalization under a local anaesthetic. The abortion is preceded by a three-day preparation involving mechanical dilation of the cervix. The operation takes place in five stages: first, guided by ultrasound, the person carrying out the abortion, possibly after reversing the position of the fetus in the uterus, takes hold of the feet with forceps. He then draws the legs of the fetus from the womb causing the birth and extracting the baby's whole body apart from the head. Next, he makes an incision at the base of the infant's skull through which he inserts the point of a pair of scissors to puncture the cranium. A tube is then inserted through which the brain and the content of the cranium are sucked out. At this point, to conclude the abortion, the head, now reduced in size, is extracted and the dead infant delivered.
That's fucking sick!!!

Dave Wood

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Conservative, liberal, Blah, Blah, YAWN.
Amen brother, Amen. There was at one time a term called "classic liberal" many of our founding fathers fell into that category, the current labels have little do do with ANYTHING except fundraising dollars, maybe.